Monday, October 21, 2013

Diving Deep Into Delerium

Life as a freelance illustrator: Deadlines loom, long days and even longer lonely nights under a desk lamp. Days go by without human interaction. Hours of sleep are lost.

 I just finished a 2 week project and needed some "me time" with my sketch book and a Sharpie marker. The image on the right was created while waiting for client feedback on sketches. The image on the left was created at 4am this morning after the project was completed and I was too doped up on coffee to fall asleep. I was also listening to The Neighbourhood a lot.

I still haven't slept. Going on 37 hours now.

I enjoy this darker side of my art. It's a nice little creative escape.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tug Hunting Creek

I work part-time for a tugboat company and have the privileged of working by the water, with a bunch of great dudes, AND get to take tugboat rides around New York Harbor... not a bad gig. I painted this a while back for the crew of the Hunting Creek. They're one awesome group of mariners who have been super nice to me. This was my way of saying "thank you".

Here's a shot of the boat from 2012 Parade of Ships during Fleet Week.